Founded in the post-war period as a firm dedicated to the design and update of a wide variety of machines, ADLER soon undertook a programme of production and development of machinery for the recycling of plastics, known as granulators. The company which was located in the heart of Besano, a little village in Province of Varese, has gradually grown to the current structure and size. Ours is a history of success reached thanks to the commitment and passion that our technical and managerial staff have put all along these years. Innovation and genius are our core values. The care of human relationships with customers and within our staff is of paramount importance for us. The worldwide customers represent 50% of our business with exports to all five continents. ADLER faces the challenges of the new millennium dominated by an increasingly global and competitive market proceeding toward a path of constant pursuit of innovation and success. Customers satisfaction is our mission, innovation, development, professionalism and dedication are the tools with which we intend to achieve our goal.






Our main goal is customer's satisfaction. It serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. In order to achieve this goal we believe it is vital to oversee the relationship with the customer that means listening to his demands and fully understand his needs. Our solutions are always commensurate with the demands of our clients. Our professionalism and our creativity are at your service.


  • Portfolio: we intend to propose a set of machines that meets the most diverse needs in a efficient and sustainable way.
  • Partners: we are interested in creating long-lasting partnerships that are beneficial to all parties involved. We strongly believe in relationship of trust and in keeping our customers.
  • Persons: we want to create and maintain a positive work environment where people are motivated to be proactive and giving their best through the recognition of collective and individual merits.



  • The values guiding us through our activities are:

    • Environmentally-Friendly Technology: our technology allows you to recover waste material, transforming it into a resource that can be put back into the production cycle. Using our granulators you will reduce the quantity of material that becomes waste. Therefore two major goals are achieved: "The ecosystem is safeguarded by the reduction of the amount of waste material that is produced and by the reduction of the demand for virgin resources thus avoiding that the planet is further depleted of other valuable resources. " "Our customers have the opportunity to reduce cost of the disposal of waste and even make profit out of materials that are usually considered to be waste. "
    • Quality: we pay great attention to every stage of the production to ensure our customers the highest quality standards possible.
    • Passion: what drives us is passion for our job that pushes us to always seek for new, more efficient and competitive solutions. We are proud of being able to say that our production is “made in Italy”, which for us is synonymous with quality, professionalism and dedication.
    • Reliability: seriousness and trust are cardinal principles for us. We are committed to provide the best products and services possible, our expertise are at our customers’ disposal and we try our best to meet their needs. We like to deal with people who share these values and work following these same principles